Our Core Technologies

Our team of experts at Vogam have decades of combined web solutions experience behind them, especially mastering in ColdFusion development.  Since its inception in 1995, Vogam have been one of the forerunners in ColdFusion Development and its application to our clients websites. We have seen ColdFusion rise astronomically from a simple concept to the power in global web programming it has become today. Our ColdFusion service is chosen by our clients for its power, its flexibility and its ability to develop applications rapidly. 

Please take a look at some of our expertise below. If there is a technology you need but do not see in the list please ask.

Programming Languages: ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, XML, JSON and XSLT
ColdFusion Frameworks: ColdBox, Fusebox, FW/1 - Framework One, ColdSpring.
Platforms: MS Windows™ (including Windows Embedded™), UNIX and LINUX.
Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, OrientDB.